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Service is a good business development
When the market is more difficult, more to practice internal strength of enterprises. In all aspects of product design, production management, personnel training, quality assurance, finance, procurement, store, service, marketing strategies, such as can not have the slightest slack. These work well, and then the big market fluctuations, companies can cope. As for the current domestic economic slowdown, the lighting industry affected. It is like the sea tide, crest will troughs, are a normal phenomenon. There is also a particularly important issue, that is, the product pricing strategy. Product pricing should adhere to the strategy of high price and price stability. Business is good, without a substantial increase in the price to compress the dealer profit margins and sales season will not blindly big price the dealer at a loss, only manufacturers this cooperation can be maintained a good situation.
Lighting products belong to labor-intensive products, greater than for seeking has been existing for a long time the objective phenomenon, in plus town merchants together business model, low price to win the competition pattern, single mode, ignoring the to the industry's own soft power construction and other issues exist for a long time. Businesses want to stabilize their market share in the volatile market, do a good job market positioning, stable product prices, do a good job of product services and improve their own internal management mechanism is very important.
The market in the off-season in a certain extent for the industry is undoubtedly a shuffle. However, for those of us old brand, the storm has little affect on our. If the company does not want to be out of the market must be to establish their own brand culture, brand culture and enterprise operation concept and vision of the internal culture and external communication of brand culture, internal culture determines the enterprise operation mechanism and standardize the management, external cultural roots deep in the degree of the market and brand influence is proportional to, determines the market share. The enterprise must build its own brand culture, to persevere in a wave of market shock waves. 32 years of experience to do the lights tell me, good service companies will have a good development.



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